The Unwoken Codex

The story so far...

Fergus, the vryoka traveler from parts unknown, arrives in the great city of Sharn to seek his fortune and perhaps learn more of his past and future.

The Job

He was approached by a man in a tavern and offered a sizable sum to ‘retrieve’ a book from the Library of Morgrave University. After breaking into the grounds, Fergus located the Library building, only to discover that another had reached the manuscript and taken it first.

Pursuing the fleeing thief into the rain-slick streets, he cornered the rogue. With a uncanny speed, the figure distracted Fergus and flung himself off the ledge and away. Behind him he left an ornate dagger, almost purposefully burying it into the brickwork. Further chasing lead our hero to a blacksmith, Ferrin, who claimed the dagger was the work of another smith, Algo, in the lower city of the Central Plateau. He also identified the mark as that of the Emerald Claw. Offering a further reward for entering the smith’s shop, Fergus left hoping to learn more of his fast footed opponent and get a little reward into the bargain.

The Break-In

Algo’s shop turned out to be a busy place, a group of loud and incompetent goblin housebreakers were also trying to enter the shop. Temporary alliances and betrayals allowed Fergus to barely escape the area, with a strange book of the smith’s and a little loot.

A New Friend

Returning to the upper city, Fergus had a chance meeting with a Warforged warrior, Seventh Seeker, a wanderer like himself. It seemed the man they thought was ‘Ferrin’ was instead an imposter belonging to a group called the Emerald Claw. Another name, Khaddis, also arose during the investigation as someone who might help them or might be a member of the Claw. Seventh and Fergus joined forces and headed into the dangers of the undercity, The Cogs.

The Cogs

Arriving at the lower docks, they were almost immediately accosted by bugbear agents of the Emerald Claw. After defeat their assailants, the recovered a scroll bearing the mark of House Thurrani, spymasters and assassins all, and bearers of the Mark of Shadow. A magic seal prevented them from opening and reading the scroll. Upon venturing further into the Cogs, they uncovered a settlement of exiled Dwarves, led by Osric Thinbeard. He agreed to unlock the scroll in return for the safe escort of his daughter, Agate Softheart, to the home of her betrothed across the Cogs.

The journey proved dangerous indeed, with guards and traps barring their way, but they prevailed, arriving accidentally, it seemed, into the hall of Khaddis ‘Lightfoot’, the thief of Morgrave Library and their prey. A vast stone ediface, engraved with the stories and legends of Man and Dwarf, the stone cathedral included an odd alchemical workshop at which Khaddis was busy on their arrival.

Meeting the Man

After introductions, it came out that Khaddis was in fact their employer, who set up the theft as a trial of potential adventurers to help him in locating an artifact in the jungles of Xendrik, jungle continent of the ancient fallen Giant empire. The book, called the Unwoken Codex, was the encrypted journal of Valdemar Oakheart, detailing his travels to Xendrik and the discovery of what was believed to be a creation forge, some three hundred before the known discovery of warforging technology.

Khaddis had hoped to travel in secret to the discover the exact location of the forge and thus avoid a power grab by the kingdom powers still eager to restart the Last War. His consultation with the exiled dwarven leader proved that Fergus’ band had been tracked by the Emerald Claw and House Thurrani, meaning that the contents of the Codex might be known to them.

With neither Fergus nor Khaddis fully trusting the other, the possibility of leaked information to third parties and the intentions of all uncertain, there was no immediate agreement to pursue the mission. Khaddis, in a gesture of goodwill, suggested that Fergus and his companions travel back to the upper city and learn of the reputation of Khaddis Lightfoot and then make their decision. He hinted that Khaddis was an alter-ego he maintained to protected his true identity, but not why it was necessary.

Fergus and party decided to do as Khaddis suggested and, as the illusory stone cathedral vanished, they set off for the surface. With Agate leading the way, they stumbled into the lair of an anglerbeest. Agate almost succumbed to the monster, but was rescued by her companions and they ventured upwards.

Ambush at the Dockyard

Emerging into the light once more, the party found themselves at the mercy of a small troop of Emerald Claw zealots, led by a brash and boastful Marshall called ‘Tenacious’ Donal. Outnumbered and out-positioned, the party were left with no choice but to fight for their lives. Under a withering fall of arrows, the party attacked. Agate, poorly armoured, but string willed, swept aside three of her assailants with a burst of divine lighting before succumbing to her injuries. Seventh went head to head with Donal, using his mental powers to fling Donal over the dock edge. With amazing reflexes, Donal clung to the dockwall edge, wrapping his flail around the knee of his warforged oppoent and dragged him over the egde also. The two traded blows until Seventh’s psychic blast flung Donal off and downwards to the canyon floor and his doom.

After mopping up the last of the resistance, they saw to Agate’s wounds, bringing her back from the brink of mortality. They commandeered a nearby cargo skiff and headed to the Upper City in search of answers about Khaddis.


Maj the fiddle, gnome fence

Maleus, kalashtar psion

Brotherhood of Blades

Meeting at the stable

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