In the fragile peace at the end of the Last War, the kingdoms of Khorvaire are filled with the lost, the displaced and the aimless. Decades of distrust do not disappear with the signing of a piece of paper and many wait for the inevitable return to conflict and bloodshed. The remains of Cyre, the Mournland, serve as a reminder of what was lost and the mystery of its destruction hold many back from violence. But this alone may not be enough.

A shadowy wanderer with an inquisitive mind has come to town, seeking adventure, riches and maybe a few answers. He has traveled far and seen much, but the possibilities of the City of Towers draw him in, as they have thousands before him. Among the residents, the refugees and the riff-raff, perhaps Fergus might find what he’s looking for, whatever that is….

The Unwoken Codex